Louise Fasig Author, Rhymester and Storyteller
Louise Falsig
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

The family Coat of arms.
Our Family motto: Fluctuat nec mergitur - It is rocked by the wave, but it never sink.

It is the foundation in our life. Life maybee wobble us around, but we keep our head above the water without deviate from our course 

The way to become an author


I was born in 1948 in the city Herning in Denmark.


After I had completed High School at Herning senior high school in 1962, I for a very short period went to Nørre Nissum teachers' college. Then the desire to adventure and to see other countries dominated my mind.

I began as a mate apprentice at the Danish ship-owner “United Steamship Company”. Before I was send at sea I spend half a year at Kogtved sea training school near Svendborg on Funen. Six months with learning, being polite and discipline were predominant.

I completed in 1970 the practical part and was ready to study at the navigation school in Copenhagen. I studied for six months ad past the entrance examination for the study to become a mate.

However, I felt for doing something else in my life after some years at sea. I tried different roads and the challenge in trying something new became the motive power in my life – everything is possible.


My way to become an author was paved with:

A job as a freelance journalist in Elsinore, fitter at Elsinore shipyard, supply teacher, several year in Shipping including a stay in for over six months in Algeria, training as a bricklayer, arranged revues together with the Danish actor Søren Strømberg at Ølsted Inn, graduated as a mate and captain, sailed as a mate in Maersk Line – Torm – EAC & Terkol tankers, manager at a forwarding and shipping agency in Hirtshals, worked as a salesman in Hanstholm selling fish to West Germany and finally teacher at a continuation school on the island Mors.

I could write several novels about my exciting life – and that is exactly, what I am doing. I am using a bit here and a bit there.

I have been concentrated on writing and painting since 1995.

Although I until now do not really has catch my many adventures and memories in my “Bank, they are until now a sort of deposit, where I only draw from the interest little by little in connection with my writing.

Besides being a rhymester “Rhymesterthy”, have I since 1998 worked as an author. In 1998, my debut a children’s book “Left and Right making a tour” was published.


I am a dedicated lecturer and storyteller as well.