My literary activities
My literary Curriculum Vitae (CV)


                  Unde scriptum est vita

Words are the fontaine of life


1976 - 2006: I was working for DKA (Later FOA). I wrote most of their speeches and monologues at festive events. (Staff parties, jubilees, dismissals etcetera).

1982: I wrote the revues and was the director of the revue at the 40 years Jubilee Party for DKA’s (The Danish local authority manual workers Union) Branch in Elsinore.

1994: Wrote a part of the revues and was the director at the staff revue at ThistedHospital.

1995: I founded my company ”The rhymester” (The Rhymester Thy)

1995 - 2002: For the company C. Søndergaards Papir A/S i Thisted I wrote the texts to all the greeting cards plus to all welcome songs and all songs after completion of the diner. (In Denmark, we usually sing a song after completion of the diner)

1998: My debut the children’s book "Left & Right are making are tour on their own" is published.

2003 - 2005: In the Danish weekly magazine "Hjemmet" I every week wrote the text to a "Fantasy." (A little thoughtful apophthegm) The fantasies were illustrated by the illustrator Bodil Nygaard i Risskov.

2005: "Bedtime stories for you" a the book published by Denmark’s Radio and Television's publishing house “Multimedier.” I tribute with the story "Nicklas the boy who wants to be big." Jesper Tom-Petersen illustrated my story.

2007: "The antiquarian bookseller" a detective novel.

2007: "The D-Cup mystery, a case for Johansen" a detective novel.

2007: "When Lasses mother died" a children’s book.

2010: "Unfortunate Semen habits" (2nd. edition) a fiction novel

2014: "Left and Right" a childrens book (in english)

2014: "When Mike's Mom Died" a childrens book (In english)

2014: "Absolution - Syndsforladelse" a detective novel